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How to take care of your jewelry?

Published on: Aug 25, 2020


QueensJewels is a semi precious jewelry brand. We believe in keeping our cultural heritage alive through the art of making handmade jewelry. An art passed on from generation to generation by the kaarigars. We believe that true beauty comes from holding on to your roots.

Your jewelry deserves as much care as you give your skin. For it to have a longer life, you must give it the TLC it needs.

Here are some tips and tricks you need to know on how can you take care of your jewelry


1. Keep your jewelry away from skincare -

As miraculously as your skincare works for you, it isn’t the best to be around your jewelry. Jewelry is vulnerable to absorbing oils which are in your skincare products. Even the mild acid content in it can strip away the shine of your jewelry. The consistent contact of the harsh chemicals in products like shampoo and conditioner is bad for your accessories.

2. Put your pieces on rotation -

You shouldn’t overwear one piece of jewelry as it exposes them to moisture and chemicals often. Give each piece of jewelry a little break. Overusing a certain ornament can wither away its shine and life. 


3. Clean your jewelry before storing - 

Always. Even if you are tired after a long party, take a minute to clean your jewelry before putting it away. All the dirt and chemicals sitting on it will take away it’s shine and life. The sweat from your body is one of the many things that you need to clean off from your jewelry.

4. Put it on last, take it off first -

Swear by this rule, if you wish for a longer life for your jewelry. Do not apply skincare products or fragrances after you have put on your accessories. And take off your jewelry before anything after you are done. Avoid as much exposure as you can from the products like lotions, perfumes and hair sprays etc., you use before and after. 


5. Wrap each piece in a soft cloth -

Wrap your gold, silver, precious and semi precious items in a soft cloth to prevent any direct exposure to the environment. Stones like pearls are very soft and they need to be stored with extra care. Prevent any contact with dust and moisture by wrapping them in a cloth. 

6. Separation is the key -

Store every piece of jewelry separately. Rough edges from a metal piece can cause scratches on precious jewels and delicate accessories. Keep it separately in different compartments and also be very careful that they do not tangle with one another. That even avoids the hassle of untangling it every time before you wear it.

Never forget these must's, and your jewelry will be as good as new every time you wear it.

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